Polish-Lithuanian parliaments to convey for first time in 10 years

Since the latter part of 2018, Polish-Lithuania relations have greatly improved with friendly gestures on each side and on Tuesday both parliaments will come together in Warsaw to discuss not only the past and current state of bilateral relations but also things yet to be worked on.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Polish Lower House and Senate, and of the Lithuanian unicameral parliament Seimas will be held in Warsaw’s Lower House Hall. This is the first meeting of this magnitude in 10 years, one which traces its roots back to the 16-18th-century state union of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The host will be represented by the Deputy Speaker of Poland’s Lower House Beata Mazurek and her deputies: MP Małgorzata Gosiewska and MP Tadeusz Aziewicz. The delegation of the Seimas will be presided over by its deputy Seimas Arvydas Nekrosius.

It is expected that the convening parties will sign a declaration to summarise the achievements made so far in the dimension of Polish-Lithuanian relations, as well as to specify the challenges that prevail or emerged 25 years after the treaty on friendly relations and good-neighbourly cooperation and regional security was signed by Poland and Lithuania.

Economic cooperation between Poland and Lithuania, as well as cooperation in the field of infrastructure, culture, science and in the protection of national heritage, will be discussed.

The 25th anniversary of the signing of the Polish-Lithuanian friendship treaty falls on April 26.

Lithuania’s MP Algirdas Sysa stressed the necessity for cooperation in the implementation of joint infrastructure projects, such as gas and energy connections, and the construction of the Via Baltica and Rail Baltica transport routes. Decisions should be taken on the so-called difficult topics, he admitted, such as the spelling of non-Lithuanian names, and the use of the language of national minorities in public life or Polish education in Lithuania.

The main purpose of the Parliamentary Assembly to take place in Warsaw on Tuesday is, among other aims, to support the development of bilateral cooperation and buttress both countries’ interests within European structures and NATO.

The year 2019 was named “the Year of the Lublin Union” by the Polish Senate to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the acts’ signing by the Polish king, magnates and lesser nobility and the Lithuanian noblemen. The act transformed a personal union by which the countries were bound together into a real union that saw the creation of a single state, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The state would last until 1795 when it was partitioned by Prussia, Russia and Austria.