Biedroń’s Spring scoring by debating issues

Robert Biedroń’s party is in its honeymoon period with the voters and benefitting so far from being seen as fresh and willing to talk about concrete issues rather than lambast opponents. Poland IN talks to Karolina Lewestam from “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” on the new party on Poland’s political scene.

(see full video here)

“At this time its Biedroń or nothing” for the Polish left and judging by the reaction of the voters on the left they agree with Karolina Lewestam. The new party is polling well in excess of 10% in its first opinion polls since formation.

It’s also clear that Mr Biedroń’s votes are coming from the left and the Civic Platform and not from the ruling party. He is openly seeking those votes when he declares that he would like Mr Schetyna to be in his government. Overtones of an “Obama move to invite someone he defeated into his administration” says Ms Lewestam.

But it’s early days and the meteoric rise of the new party may not last. Many new parties have come and gone before. The current ruling party and the main opposition party are both well entrenched on Poland’s political stage.