Poland to increase support for pensioners

Elżbieta Rafalska, the Polish Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister announced on Tuesday that around 250 new facilities for elderly people can be created thanks to this year’s edition of “Senior+” programme.

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As many as 706 local governments submitted their applications for the 2019 edition of the programme. A total of 664 offers were chosen to be financed by the Polish government.

Among them, 243 offers concern establishing new clubs and group houses for at a total of 5,600 elderly people. Local authorities applied for PLN 38.1 mln (EUR 8.8 mln).

The remaining 421 applications concern financing current activities of existing facilities. The government will supply PLN 24.5 mln (EUR 5.66 mln).

Higher pensions

The ministry has also announced that Polish pensions will grow by an average of 2.86 percent in 2019.

The minimum benefit hike has been set at PLN 70 (EUR 16.2), and the lowest retirement pension is to reach PLN 1,100 (EUR 254.8).

According to the ministry, the overall cost of all forms of benefits will amount to PLN 7.9 bln (EUR 1.83 bln). The figure is PLN 458 mln (EUR 106 mln) lower than earlier estimated.