Poland protected from a fall in EU demand: economist

While Poland's exports made a recovery in the fourth quarter, and the economy grew at 5.1 percent growth for the entire year, the overall trade balance was in the red by PLN 5.1 bn, (EUR 1.2 bn).

The trade balance would have been much worse, however, had Poland been quite as dependent on its trade partners as its Southern neighbours, ING Bank Śląski Chief Economist Rafał Benecki told Poland In .

“Polish exports additionally include furniture, cars, car parts, electronics, household appliances and food products,” Mr Benecki went on to explain.

The ING forecast for 2019 is 3.6 percent GDP growth. Their view of how 2020 will pan out is more pessimistic than the consensus, with growth dropping to 2.8 percent. This is due to the worsening conditions in the EU economy and problems such as uncertainty over Brexit and the possible trade war between the US and China.

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