Prime British company makes further investments in Poland

After announcing that their Primark clothes discounting brand is to enter the Polish market, British food and retail conglomerate AB Foods announced a new investment in an animal feed production plant 40 km south of Poznań in Western Poland.

The investment in the Michel Pasze plant in Bruszczewo, which is currently in liquidation, is to trade under the name AB Agri Polska. The aim, according to a report in the “Puls biznesu” daily, is to serve the company’s existing continental client base from Poland, shifting some of its production from the UK.

So far in Poland, AB has invested in a large tea processing and packaging firm in nearby Swarzędz for its Twinings brand, and also produces Blue Dragon oriental food products and sauces.

These investments followed their decision to pull out of Poland after their subsidiary British Sugar Overseas’ purchase of sugar refineries in Poland over a decade ago.

Poland’s production of industrial feed was estimated at 11.9 tonnes by foodstuffs website, which puts exports of corn-based feeds at 1.5 mln tonnes.