New Polish party with an English name

Robert Gwiazdowski, the libertarian lawyer is combining with local government independents and will launch his “Polska Fair Play” party on 2 March.

During his press conference in Warsaw he explained that the new name came from his meetings in the country in which people felt that the government was not playing “fair” with its people with regard to high taxes and constantly changing regulations.

He announced that the party will have its first policy conference on 2 March and presented his associates in the project. They are local government independents who stood in the provincial council elections in the autumn and obtained representation in several of them.

Ambitious aims

Mr Gwiazdowski stated that the party will stand in the coming European elections on its own. If it secures representation in these it may stand on its own in the Parliamentary elections due in the autumn. He said that his ultimate aim was to ensure that neither the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) nor the opposition Civic Platform (PO) could form a government on their own.

He promised that his party would campaign for an EU that would return to free market principles and one which would be less bureaucratic. According to Mr Gwiazdowski to matter in the EU Poland needed to be strong economically.

Crowded field on non-PiS right

“Fair Play” will pose problems for the non-PiS parties of the right such as Kukiz’15 and the alliance between Janusz Korwin-Mikke. The problem is that the electorate for all three does not seem to be much in excess of 10% of the vote.

The left not his target

The new entity is unlikely to take any votes from the left. Mr Gwiazdowski’s views on cultural issues are conservative. He once said that a woman’s right to a choice with regard to reproductive matters ended when she “dropped her knickers”. This kind of sentiment will not endear him to feminists and liberals alike.