Rag dolls to ‘inoculate’ children in Sierra Leone

Students from Primary School no 16 in Białystok, northern Poland, sewed rag dolls to help children from Sierra Leone, a country located in Africa.

Pupils engaged their families to sew dolls. Each of them has a “birth certificate” with a name and date of creation.

Each doll, available for purchase at the school market, has a price equal to the cost of a single vaccine. Money gathered during the fundraising will be given to UNICEF, which has been organising the fundraising for five years.

UNICEF will then buy vaccines for children in Sierra Leone, a country where vaccinations are not mandatory.

Vaccines are the simplest and the cheapest way to protect a human being against measles, polio, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. According to UNICEF’s estimations, vaccinations save the lives of at least three million children every year worldwide. Without them, every third person would not live till the age of 5.