Polish consul awarded by Norwegian NGO

A Polish diplomat has been awarded for his fight for the rights of Polish families and their children living in Norway.

Norwegian FM declares Polish consul ‘persona non grata’

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The Christian Coalition of Norway (Kristen Koalisjon Norge, KKN) has awarded a “Certificate of Honour” to Polish consul Sławomir Kowalski. He received the award for his efforts to protect Polish families from Barnevernet actions to separate them from their children. For exactly the same thing and, according to Norwegian officials, his inappropriate behaviour he was announced a “persona non grata” by the Norwegian government.

The Barnevernet is a Norwegian child welfare service. It has been accused of being excessively interventionist on many occasions.

Sławomir Kowalski has helped 150 Polish families who faced the loss of custody of their children in Norway under decisions issued by the Barnevernet. According to the KKN the Polish consul’s attitude and determination should be an example to others.

Poland declares Norwegian consul ‘persona non grata’

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In 2016, Mr Kowalski was named Consul of the Year by Poland’s foreign ministry for his “adequate action and skilful collaboration” with the Norwegian authorities “in cases involving underage Polish nationals remaining under the custody of local welfare services”.

Three weeks ago the Norwegian Foreign Ministry announced that Mr Kowalski is no longer welcome in Norway. He has to leave the country by February 18th.