Poland grants asylum to Norwegian mum, her daughter

According to the Polish Office for Foreigners (UDSC), Silje Garmo, a Norwegian woman, and her young daughter, Eira, have been granted asylum in Poland, because she feared that social services in her home country would try to separate them.

“Poland has granted asylum to Silje Garmo and her daughter. It was deemed that the violations of human rights in Norway constituted a threat to her and her family. And it was in the interest of Poland to offer them protection,” her lawyer tweeted along with the picture of the UDSC statement.

Ms Garmo, 37, arrived in Poland with Eira, in May 2017 after being warned by friends that her child would probably be taken away, according to tvp.info. Eira was four months old at the time.

Norway’s Barnevernet child welfare service accused Ms Garmo of overusing painkillers and of suffering from chronic fatigue, the Polish public broadcaster stated.

Eira is now almost two years old and has been living in Poland for most of her life, tvp.info reported.

Barnevernet, the Norwegian child welfare service has come under international and national scrutiny for being excessively interventionist in the past. Its child protection practices have been accused of lacking human elements and officials are said to resort to the extreme measure of separating children from their parents.