Issue of property restitution to Jews ‘already clarified’: PM

The issue of property restitution to the American citizens of Jewish descent is already clarified; there is currently no such topic, Poland is completely safe in this field, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated in an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

“Several years ago we signed an indemnity agreement with the United States, which releases our country from this responsibility,” PM Morawiecki stated, when asked about the words of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the Middle East Conference on "restitution of property" to the American Jews.

Polish PM said that the state is making efforts to remind the US that the expectations of Poland to pay compensations for Nazi German crimes are based on a “fundamental misunderstanding”.

“Poland was a victim of both Germany and the Soviet Union. The Germans destroyed our country, they wanted to exterminate almost the entire Polish nation, and the remaining part to be turned into enslaved labor force. We have the right to demand compensation from them,” Mr Morawiecki said, stressing that Poland has never received reparations from Germany.

“Polish war losses inflicted by Nazi Germany amounted to around USD 650-700 bn dollars. This is only the material dimension of the losses. How can we put a price on the lives of millions of Polish citizens who were murdered or severely wounded, who were forced into slave labor for the German war machine? How can we calculate territorial losses in the east?” he said.

Firm stance of Polish diplomacy

PM Morawiecki was also asked about the words of reporter Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC TV channel, who in one of her reports from Warsaw stated that during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943, Jews fought against the "Polish and Nazi regime". He judged that such statements are the best proof that we must continue to fight for historical truth.

“These words are offensive not only to us, Poles, but also to Jews and all other victims of Nazi German crimes. The insurgents in the Warsaw Ghetto knew who they were fighting,” he stressed.

According to PM Morawiecki, thanks to the immediate reaction of the Polish diplomacy which raised the case to Jewish communities, "the journalist was under very strong pressure and very soon she was forced to apologise for her words and clearly write the truth."

“This is a real result for our diplomacy. Two or three years ago, the situation in which a well-known US journalist so quickly and decisively withdrew from his or her words would be hardly impossible,” he stated.