Iranian’s Italian disguise rumbled

The southern city of Katowice’s airport check has proved unlucky for an Iranian citizen who tried to trick the Polish border guard into believing that he was Italian.

The Iranian national was on board a plane that departed from Athens and landed in Katowice. Unfortunately, when his Italian ID was put in the database, the feedback showed its invalidity.

What’s more, when an interpreter had been called the newcomer was unable to utter even a single word in Italian. Only then did the culprit confess his Iranian nationality and pleaded guilty of trying to cross the border by resorting to trickery and usage of an ID of another person. The Iranian man has confessed and accepted his punishment.

The border guard has taken administrative action to deport him. Until formalities are concluded, he will spend time at a guarded refugee camp.

“In order to fake Italian, one needs to parla italiano at least a bit. Else the whole mission non funzionera,” tweeted the border guard.