Polish officer gave tech secrets to Chinese in Huawei espionage case: report

Piotr D. (name withheld under the Polish privacy law), who was detained by Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) in early January under the charge of espionage, allegedly informed the Chinese secret services about the IT project of Polish scientists.

Pole and Chinese detained for espionage

The Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained on Tuesday a Pole Piotr D. and a Chinese businessman Weijing W. (names withheld under the Polish...

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According to the Polish private radio channel RMF FM, his activities were aimed to make him more credible in the eyes of Chinese intelligence.

Mr D. was an agent of ABW until 2011. He worked as a deputy head of the Information and Communication Security department and an advisor the ABW’s erstwhile head.

The project was supposed to concern the creation of telecommunication structures in network security. Mr D. allegedly did not give the full information about the project, but the Chinese services were satisfied with his reports, the media report.

Mr D. was detained in January, along with Chinese national Weijing W., one of the directors of the Polish branch of Huawei.

Both of them were charged with espionage for China and face 10 years in prison if found guilty.