Overall 43 percent of Poles pessimistic about future: survey

A total of 43 percent of Poles are pessimistic about the future and claim the situation in the country is headed in the wrong direction, while 34 percent believe that things in Poland are going well, results of a new poll show.

However, despite the negative sentiment, over one in two Poles felt positively about the economy, slightly below one in three hope for a better life and nearly three out of four said that jobs were easy to find.

The proportion of pessimists and optimists remained at January’s level, according to pollster Kantar Public.

Asked about the condition of the Polish economy, 51 percent of the respondents said the economy was doing well (down 3 percent), 35 percent said the economy was in crisis (up 2 percent), while 27 percent believe there is a mild crisis in the economy and 6 percent described the crisis as severe.

45 percent of those surveyed do not expect any changes in living standards over the next three years, 29 percent expect changes for the better, while 19 percent expect changes for the worse.

Asked about employment prospects in Poland, 74 percent of those polled said that jobs were easy to find, 16 percent said finding work was difficult or impossible to find.

Kantar Public conducted the survey from February 8-13 on a representative sample of 1,015 respondents aged 15 or over.