Draft Baltic Pipe contract with Denmark supported by Parliamentary committees

Parliament’s lower house (Sejm) committees on energy and foreign affairs supported a draft law on the ratification of an international contract with Denmark over the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline.

EC: Baltic Pipe will increase security in CEE and Baltic region

“The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will lead to the creation of an integrated, competitive gas market in the region of the Baltic Sea and in Central and...

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Supported unanimously, the draft will now go to the second reading.

MPs made no comments to the draft, which empowers the president to ratify an international contract with the Kingdom of Denmark, creating the legal framework required for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline project.

Denmark does not need to ratify the contract and it had already been confirmed, said Government Commissioner for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski.

Polish Gaz-System is responsible for the pipeline’s constructing from the Danish borders to Poland. Danish Energinet will be covering the part on Danish territory and the distance between Denmark’s western border and drilling platforms in the North Sea.

The Baltic Pipe is a proposed natural gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland. When completed, it will transport natural gas from Norway (19 drilling concessions on the local shelf belong to the Polish state-owned PGNiG) to Poland via Denmark and potentially also to other clients in the region. It is to be completed by October 2022.