‘Jewish voice’ publication is ‘slanderous manipulation’: Polish ambassador

Marek Magierowski, the Polish ambassador to Israel, responded to a publication of “Jewish Voice” magazine.

Mr Magierowski reacted to an op-ed published in “Jewish Voice” entitled “Examining Polish Culpability in the Holocaust.”

The Polish ambassador pointed out that the photograph used in the article was not taken in at the scene of a massacre in Jedwabne, northern Poland, but near the Nazi German concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, located in north-western Germany. In order to drive home his argument, he showed a screenshot from the archives of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Mr Magierowski tagged Jewish organisations and institutions maintaining the memory of the Holocaust. David Harris from the American Jewish Congress agreed that the Polish ambassador “is right to be angry,” and added that “Jewish voice” should apologise and remove the photographs as soon as possible.