Poland to spend EUR 43 bn on army modernisation

The Ministry of National Defence (MON) announced on Thursday that they were going to allocate PLN 185 bn (~EUR 43 bn) for the modernisation of the Polish Armed Forces by 2026.

The technical modernisation plan (PMT) is adopted for ten years and updated every four years. The previous edition of the document covered the years 2013-22. On Thursday, the Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced the outlines of the plan to be carried out by 2026.

Among the main tasks to be implemented by MON, are the “Harpy” programme - the purchase of modern multi-task jet planes, the “Narew” programme - short range air defence, and the “Crow” programme - the purchase of modern attack helicopters.

“My top priority is to exchange the outdated, post-Soviet aircraft. Therefore, as part of the ‘Harpy’ programme, we will acquire modern fighters that will push the Polish Air Force towards a new era. We plan to buy 32 such fighters,” Mr Błaszczak said.

He pointed out that the newest plan assumes the allocation of PLN 45 bn more than the previous one.

Mr Błaszczak stated that "as a rule", the modern equipment would strengthen Poland’s eastern flank. In this context, he recalled that the 4th Division which is to operate in that area has already been formed.

“The strengthening of the eastern flank is aimed at strengthening not only the Polish Army, but it is also a significant reinforcement of the entire NATO eastern flank,” he stressed.

Apart from the aforementioned programs, the Ministry announced the modernisation of the Polish Navy (the purchase of a submarine and a coast defence ship), the development of artillery and armoured units, and the purchase of modern cryptographic equipment which will increase cyberspace defence capabilities.