Interview: Perspectives for govt and opposition before European elections

With the European elections approaching in May, Poland IN spoke to Bartłomiej Biskup of the University of Warsaw to discuss the strategies and chances of both the ruling party and the opposition.

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Talking about the election strategies of the opposition and the government, Mr Biskup said that the promises of the ruling Law and Justice have “almost nothing” to do with the European elections. He emphasised that the ruling party’s campaign was focused on domestic matters.

Mr Biskup said that the ruling party’s promises concerned building support for the parliamentary elections in the autumn, with the “European elections being just a step along the way.”

“For Law and Justice,” Mr Biskup indicated, “the strategy was to appeal to the wallet, to make promises which connect with the common situation of each person.”

The University of Warsaw analyst contrasted it with the opposition’s approach, which is focused on European issues, thus it named itself a “European Coalition.”

“It is a very good strategy, because if the opposition gets a bigger number of MEPs than Law and Justice does, they can say that they have won the election and that will be a good forecast for the parliamentary elections,” Mr Biskup said.

How might the attitude of Poles to the EU influence the elections? Does the historical turnout give the European Coalition an advantage? What are the chances for the new “Spring” party of Robert Biedroń?

Watch the full interview with Bartłomiej Biskup here.