Polish-Israeli relations should always be strong: deputy Knesset speaker

The deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament (the Knesset) Yehiel Hilik Bar stressed the importance of preserving strong Polish-Israeli relations.

“Polish-Israeli relations should always be strong. We must research the difficult past together,” said Mr Bar on Monday during a decoration gala of Poles who saved Jews during WWII. Organised by a Polish Jewish activist Jonny Daniel’s From the Depths Foundation, the event took place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

According to the deputy Knesset speaker, in order to improve Polish-Israeli relations, both countries should to a greater degree research their common past so that both sides find themselves on the right side of history in the future.

Mr Bar also stressed that both sides need to invest more in the search for truth and in explaining the past to better understand the common dark history which resulted from the barbaric acts by Germans-Hitlerites.

During the ceremony, held at Warsaw's Royal Castle, Yehiel Hilik Bar spoke with recognition about all Poles who rescued Jews from the Holocaust during the German occupation of Poland.

Aside from the deputy Knesset speaker, former US governor of Arkansas state and pastor Mike Huckabee took part in the event.

The ceremony saw the decoration of Poles who helped Jews during WWII with the Edward Mossberg award. Edward Mossberg was a prisoner of Nazi-German camps in Płaszowo and Mauthausen.