Interview: Polish presence in Hollywood

Poland In talked to Marek Kulesza of the Leon Schiller institute about the eminent and the not-always-obvious Polish presence in the Hollywood film industry.

No Oscars for 'Cold War'

The Polish movie “Cold War” [“Zimna Wojna”] did not win Academy Awards in any category it was nominated.

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Mr Kulesza talked about prominent Poles in Hollywood, such as composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and cinematographer Janusz Kamiński, both of whom are recipients of Academy Awards.

Janusz Kamiński, Mr Kulesza said, “has been the favorite cinematographer of Steven Spielberg and they have made a lot of pictures together, such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Schindler’s List’.” For his work on the two films Mr Kamiński received Academy Awards for cinematography in 1998 and 1993 respectively.

Marek Kulesza also discussed what causes the abundance of Polish cinematographers, directors and film technicians in Hollywood in comparison to the number of established actors and actresses.

Which Pole was nominated for an Oscar five times but was eventually awarded a special Academy Award for inventing a pool to create special effects on water? What is the Polish contribution to the Muppets? And who can be considered the most famous Pole in Hollywood?

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