Going down: world’s deepest swimming pool to be opened in Poland

DeepSpot, the deepest swimming pool in the world, located in Mszczonów, some 40 km south-west of Warsaw, will be opened in autumn.

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The pool will be 45m (49.2 yds) deep, which means it will be five meters (5.46 yd) deeper than the incumbent record holder, located in the town of Montegrotto Terme, northern Italy.

It will be accessible by everyone, not only professional divers. Moreover, investors prepare some attractions for those, who do not want to go deep at all. There will be an underwater tunnel, hotel rooms overlooking the pool, as well as restaurants and conference rooms.

The constructor of the DeepSpot is a company responsible for very popular FlySpot indoor skydiving tunnels, used for imitating a parachute jumping in an aerodynamic tunnel.

As much as 8,000 cubic metres (2,1 mln gallons) of water will have to be used to fill the pool up. This amount equals the capacity of 27 ordinary 25-metre-long swimming pools.

Unfortunately, DeepSpot will hold the record of the deepest swimming pool in the world for only around six months, because the Blue Abyss with depth around 50m (54.68 yds) is under construction in Colchester, the UK.