Interview: Vendors who corner the market are threat to cybersecurity

The Ministry of Digital Affairs recognizes the danger of suppliers of mobile devices gaining power over the internet, admits Karol Okoński, under-secretary of state at the Ministry of Digital Affairs in an interview with PolandIN.

The minister is concerned about threats to individual cyber-security posed by hacking using crypto-jacking and fake pages of banks to extract data and money. But he sees a considerable potential threat of companies cornering the market and having the knowledge to affect access to the internet.

He is confident the systems used in public administration are secure but advises users to rely on trusted profiles as the safest method of use. Mr Okoński also felt that some companies had over-reacted to the demands of the data protection directive (GDPR).

Asked about Poland’s opposition to the copyright directive he felt that the compromise that the EU has come to over balancing the rights of authors and free access for the public may have erred in the direction of the former. He hoped however that in the end there would be no need to call the emerging directive “ACTA2”.

Mr Okoński acknowledged the sensitivity of attempts to combat “fake news” and the threat to free speech these could pose. However, he felt that there are ways of identifying bot attacks that attempted to introduce bogus information into the systems. He admitted that algorithms alone could not do the job and there would have to be decisions actually taken by individuals.

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