Ski jumping: Poles behind podium in windy competition

The Polish national team finished fourth in a ski jumping team event in Oslo, Norway, on Saturday, although they were the leading team before the final jumps.

Poland, represented by Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch had over 15 points of advantage over the second team with only a few jumpers left in the first round. However, the event was unpredictable and full of dangerous moments, as Marius Lindvik from Norway and Stephan Leyhe from Germany fell after reaching distances over the hill size.

Several jumpers lost against the constantly changing weather, and did not fly far. Unfortunately for Poland, Kamil Stoch, after turmoil in the air, reached only 112 meters, while Robert Johansson set the new hill record at 144 metres and Ryoyu Kobayashi managed 138.5 metres. This pushed the Polish team off the podium. The winner was Norway, ahead of Japan and Austria.

Due to the risky weather conditions, the jury cancelled the second round. In the Nations’ Cup, Poland increased their advantage over second place Germany (fifth on Saturday) to 466 points.

On Sunday, the fans gathered in Oslo will witness the individual competition. Both weekend events count for the Raw Air tournament classification, in which Robert Johansson has over 16 points of advantage over Ryoyu Kobayashi. The highest ranked Pole, Dawid Kubacki, is fifth, behind the leader by a significant margin.