Top Polish music awards granted for the 25th time

The 25th edition of the “Fryderyk” awards gala took place this year in the southern Polish city of Katowice and a number of Polish artists were recognised for their achievements.

The Fryderyk is an annual award granted to artists of exceptional merit in three genres of Polish music: classical, jazz and pop. This year the event takes place on March 9, 10 and 12.

Dawid Podsiadło was a clear winner in terms of statuettes collected during Saturday’s jazz and pop music gala. The artist received prizes for his pop-rock album “Małomiasteczkowy” and was voted author of the year. Moreover, together with Bartosz Dziedzic, he was awarded the composer team of the year statuette.

Kasia Nosowska came topin the alternative album of the year category for her “Basta” recording. “I’m like the oak ‘Bartek’ of this award,” said Ms Nosowska referring to the oldest Polish oak, clarifying jokingly that she is so “not only because of the time I ‘grow’ in the musical world but also because of my attempts to keep up with Bartek in terms of waist.” Ms Nosowska is also one of the artists richest in “Fryderyk” awards.

The jazz album of the year award went to Marcin Wasilewski Trio, whereas the debut of the year award went to the ethno-band Tulia that will represent Poland during Eurovision 2019. The Lao Che band won in the rock album of the year category, and the “Malinowa” album by Stanisława Celińska was considered the best poetic music album.

The “Golden Fryderyk”, an award granted to musicians and artists for exceptional contribution to the Polish culture, was given to the legendary “Skaldowie” rock band. Another “Golden Fryderyk” was posthumously awarded to Robert Brylewski of the “Brygada Kryzys” and “Armia” bands who passed away in tragic circumstances in 2018.