Prosthetists help pony get back on his hooves

Louis the piebald pony lost a hoof with part of his hind leg a year ago but prosthetists from the south-eastern Polish city of Rzeszów came to the rescue and designed an original prosthesis just for him.

“People told me it was a hopeless case and that we should put him down. [Later] I thought that something can still be done for him,” said the horse’s owner Anna Szewczyk.

From that very moment, the owners of Louis have experienced a streak of fortunate events. They stumbled over the Rzeszów Orthopedic Studio. Then events gathered pace, immediately after the first fitting work on a special prosthesis started.

The prosthesis is made of carbon fibre, whereas the hoof itself is made of wood and reinforced with carbon fibre with a piece of a car tyre. The part that makes contact with the remaining leg stump consists of a thermoplastic plate that provides as little abrasion as possible.

“Now he can distribute his body weight evenly to both hooves. Thanks to the boys [prosthetists] the quality of his life increased a hundredfold,” said Ms Szewczyk.

Prosthetist, Tomasz Kot said that the “patient” was very cooperative and the Studio’s head Mariusz Grela stressed that the Studio “eagerly faces challenges such as designing animal prostheses… The one made for Louis fits perfectly. When we told Louis about the price, he replied ‘neeeeeeigh’, so we decided we would make the prosthesis for free.”

Now, thanks to the prosthetists, Louis the piebald pony will return to his vocation, namely, working with disabled children, showing that a prosthesis is nothing abnormal, even for a pony.