Quick and safe method of oncological diagnostics invented by Poles

Polish scientists from the Laboratory of Laser Molecular Spectroscopy (LLSM) of Łódź University of Technology have developed innovative diagnostic tools that enable the detection of cancer and determination of its malignancy within a few minutes or even seconds.

The tools, namely Raman’s optical biopsy and virtual histopathology can be used in the identification of tumours and when removing cancer cells. They ensure that the above methods are completely safe for the patient.

The examination does not require surgical removal of tissues from the body. Instead, the method involves the illumination of the tissue under examination by laser light using a fibre optic probe. Then, the analysis of the Raman spectrum, generated within seconds, will provide an answer as to whether the person is sick or not.

While testing, the researchers from LLSM focused on four types of cancer: breast, head and neck, gastrointestinal tract and brain.

At the moment, the top priority is to introduce the method to the Polish economy and medicine as soon as possible.

"In January, the first paper describing surgery using Raman neuronavigation was published in the US. Unfortunately, in this situation, we will not be the first in the world, but we can still be the first in Europe," Halina Abramczyk from LLSM stated.