Polish-US nuclear cooperation gathers pace

The Polish government’s nuclear energy plenipotentiary Piotr Naimski’s meeting with US energy secretary Rick Perry resulted in the establishment of workgroups to pave the way for closer Polish-US nuclear cooperation.

This development came in the wake of suggestions by Polish Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski that the US may become Poland’s financial and technological partner in the field of nuclear power.

Poland is considering constructing a nuclear 1-1.5 GW powerplant. The initiative is to be undertaken around 2033.

According to Piotr Stępiński of BiznesAlert.pl business and economy website, Rick Perry touched on the topic when he first came to Poland in November 2018. It was then that Mr Tchórzewski found that the US offer met all of Poland’s expectations.

“The US declaration meets our key condition, which is, apart from selling us technology and building the powerplant, its foot some of the expenses,” said Mr Tchórzewski, adding that “this is a new opening and a thoroughly different perspective than building everything with your own money.”

The meeting between Piotr Naimski and Rick Perry took place during Texas’ CERAWeek, which is an annual conference organised by energy research and consulting firm Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).

At the moment Poland is heavily reliant on coal energy, but this form of power generation is slowly being phased out as emissions regulations are becoming more stringent.