More US troops in Poland mean more security: Polish MoD

The Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said after the meeting with John C. Rood, the US Undersecretary of Defence, that more US troops in Poland is high on his agenda.

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“Increasing the presence of US troops in Poland is one of my most important tasks. I spoke about it with the Pentagon and Congressmen of both Republican and Democratic parties. More US troops in our country mean more security for the whole region,” Mr Błaszczak tweeted after the meeting.

This issue was the main topic of the meeting of the two officials, the Polish Defence ministry stated.

“The details of the project of empowering US troops deployed in Poland are being set in the workgroup including Polish and American experts,” the ministry wrote in the statement.

“The US appreciates the fact that Poland fulfils the obligations concerning the NATO allocation of responsibilities, including spending two percent of GDP on defence purposes and 20 percent of the military budget on the modernisation of the Polish Army,” the statement reads.

“The purpose of both Poland and the US is increasing the level of global security and the strengthened presence of US Army in Poland would be an important factor deterring possible aggressors,” the ministry wrote.