Publisher of top two weeklies detained: report

The Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) detained four individuals, allegedly including the publisher of “Wprost” and “Do Rzeczy” weeklies Michał M. Lisiecki, over extortion of nearly PLN 29 mln (EUR 6.74 mln).

The money was reportedly extorted from companies specialised in construction and renovation of railroad infrastructure. This was done by means of issuing fraudulent contracts and invoices.

“The Warsaw CBA branch in Warsaw… is investigating legal violation by the liquidator and other people by means of syphoning money out of the bankruptcy estates and money laundering with the use of a number of fictional economic entities,” a CBA spokesman told Poland’s public broadcaster.

The investigation involves Warsaw, the northcentral Polish city of Toruń and the southeastern Polish city of Lublin. The latter city was where the four individuals were detained.

“The men detained by CBA had issued fake VAT invoices on the grounds of fictitious contracts and unwritten agreements. Using the fake invoices they were able to syphon the money out of a bankruptcy estate. They will be charged with participation in an organised crime group, violation of law, acting to the detriment of the company and falsification of documents,” the spokesman added.

He said that five additional men were detained as part of this investigation in April 2017, including the liquidator. A total of 22 suspects have been listed as part of the investigation.