Moroccan artist sparks joy in children patients’ hearts

The “Iskierka” Foundation invited Marrakesh-born painter, sculptor, musician and collage artist Anwar Belaaroui to create a colourful painting together with curable and incurable child patients of three Polish medical centres.

The project is not only an opportunity for minor patients to learn about Morocco’s culture, art, history and their peoples’ daily lives but it also provides great therapeutical benefit.

Using paint, sand and newspapers, the children united in creating a beautiful work of art that shows a female face surrounded by a halo of press clippings.

It was Mr Belaaroui who painted the central female face. Then the patients of the Children Haematology and Oncology Clinic in Zabrze, the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Centre in Katowice and the Paediatry and Oncology Centre in Chorzów completed the composition.

Moreover, Mr Belaaroui sketched each child’s face and gifted the painting to its rightful model. Then the children were allowed to finish their portraits.

The painting will be the centrepiece of an auction on March 17 in the southern Polish city of Katowice. Money acquired from the sale will be spent on children struggling with cancer.

The collective painting is part of a series of events organised by the “Iskierka” Foundation that includes culinary and drum workshops.