Polish films screened in Taiwan

Seven Polish movies will be screened during the First Festival of Polish Movies, which took place in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

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The selected films present Poland throughout different historical periods. “The idea of the festival is to present Polish history to citizens of Taiwan,” Jacek Bromski, the head of the Polish Filmmakers Association (SFP) said.
Earlier, in order to mark the centenary of Poland’s independence, Polish movies were presented in other Asian countries, including Japan and Vietnam.

Among the films screened in Taiwan, there are those presenting Poland during the partitions (“The Promised Land,” “Nights and Days”), during WWII (“The Pianist, “Volhynia”), the Warsaw Uprising (“Warsaw 44”) and under the communist regime (“Ashes and Diamonds,” “Man of Marble”).

They were created by acclaimed Polish directors including, Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polański, Wojciech Smarzowski and Jan Komasa.

The festival aims to strengthen the cultural cooperation between Warsaw and Taipei. The Review of Taiwanese Movies will take place in Poland in September.

Poland was presented in Taiwanese television in 2015. The local channel FTV Global News published a video to mark the anniversary of regaining independence by Poland.