Poll Watch: another poll confirms close race in EP elections

The latest opinion survey published confirms that the race between the two major blocks: the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) and the European Coalition (KE) in the coming European elections is too close to call.

A survey taken by the IBRiS agency and published in the daily “Rzeczpospolita” on Thursday shows the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) two points ahead of the European coalition (KE). On Wednesday, “Gazeta Wyborcza” released a survey that put the opposition KE two points ahead. Both surveys show leads well within their statistical margin of error.

According to the IBRiS poll, PiS has 40 percent, the KE 38 percent. The only other parties projected to cross the electoral threshold and obtain representation are the left of centre “Biedroń’s Spring” with seven percent and the anti-establishment “Kukiz’15” with five percent.

The results of the survey will concern “Biedroń’s Spring” the most. The new party has lost nine percent support since a recent poll for the Polish Parliamentary elections. This may indicate that its “honeymoon period’ is coming to an end and/or that voters on the left are choosing to support the KE in the polarised battle between PiS and the opposition.

The poll forecasts a very high turnout of 48 percent. The turnout in the last European elections in Poland amounted to just over 23 percent.