First storks arrive in Poland after winter migration

In northern Poland, in the villages of Monety and Dąga, the first storks have arrived from their winter migration raising hopes for the arrival of spring.

In the Warmian commune of Dywity, the first stork found his new home on a nest weaved on a power pole.

“He is alone and looks slightly confused, because he probably flew here a bit too quickly. In previous years, storks have usually appeared after March 20,” said Iza Kurzak, who took photos of the bird.

In Polish folklore the arrival of storks is a sign of spring. They are believed to bring luck especially for the residents of the houses chosen by storks to make nests on their roofs. It is also part of widespread, not only in Poland, tradition that storks “bring children” to this world.

According to naturalists, the arrival of the first storks, despite popular opinion, is not necessarily equal to the beginning of spring. In the coming weeks there may be short-term deteriorations in weather and the last snowfall of the season.

Although the first storks have already appeared in the Masurian Lake District, northern Poland, the mass return of these birds from their wintering grounds should start around the end of March and will last until mid-April.

It is estimated that about 40,000 - 45,000 stork breeding pairs choose Poland as their annual breeding ground, most of them in the north-east of the country.