Polish gas giant to focus on Norwegian fields

Piotr Woźniak, the head of the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) spoke about the company’s current activities and future expansion plans in Norway, Pakistan, and the UAE.

Draft Baltic Pipe contract with Denmark supported by Parliamentary committees

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Mr Woźniak said that the company plans to utilize the planned Baltic Pipe at one-fourth of its capacity. “As a part of the open season procedure, we asked for a reservation of the pipeline’s capacity. We received a positive answer. Around 2.5 bn cubic metres of gas transported in the pipeline is to be of extracted by us,” Mr Woźniak said.

The Baltic Pipe is a proposed natural gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland. When completed, it will transport natural gas from Norway to Poland via Denmark. It will be completed by October 2022. PGNiG currently has 24 drilling concessions in Norway.

The company is also active in Pakistan, where it extracted 200 mln cubic metres of gas in 2018. Its plans also include further search-and-explore operations to the United Arab Emirates. “Estimates are good. The project is a relatively safe one,” Mr Woźniak said.

In both Pakistan and the UEA, the extracted gas will not be transported but sold on the local market.