Polish-Hungarian relations exemplary: Hungarian parliament speaker

Hungarian National Assembly speaker László Kövér praised “exceptionally good” Polish-Hungarian relations.

“I have been the National Assembly’s speaker since 2010… and I must say that for a long time the Polish-Hungarian relations have not been as exemplary as they are now,” Mr Kövér told the Polish Radio.

According to Mr Kövér, good Polish-Hungarian relations stem from common challenges. “In Poland as in Hungary, ruling politicians came to understand that without one another they may not find solutions to these challenges. The Visegrad Group (V4), provides a great framework. We stick together also in the V4,” said the statesman.

László Kövér stressed that good Hungarian-Russian relations are not a hindrance to Warsaw-Budapest cooperation but they are “an issue that needs to be tackled.”

“We need to reflect upon whether we are capable of mutual understanding. Our foreign policy knows no such a goal that would prioritise Russia over Poland. We understand Poland’s stance with regard to Moscow, an attitude that ensues from history,” said the Hungarian speaker.

“It is clear to us that Poland has been partitioned by foreign superpowers such as Russia. Hence security is so important for Warsaw,” stressed Mr Kövér, expressing his belief that “it is in Europe, Hungary and Poland’s interest to see an integration of Russia with European economic and social structure.”

A token of brotherhood

Nearly 600 people travelled by train from Warsaw to Budapest as part of the 7th Grand Trip to Hungary organised by “Gazeta Polska” to celebrate the 171st anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution that flared up on March 15.

At the invitation of the Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, PM Mateusz Morawiecki is going to participate in the celebrations and give a speech at 10:30 in the Budapest National Museum’s garden.