EC Commissioner Timmermans to support ‘Biedroń’s Spring’?

Robert Bedroń claims that his new party will be backed in the European election campaign by EC VP Frans Timmermans.

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The gay activist and former mayor of Słupsk, Robert Biedroń, in an interview with the Polish Press Agency (PAP) has said that the Vice-President of the European Commission and the European Socialists candidate for EC President Frans Timmermans will support “Biedroń’s Spring” in this year’s European elections.

Mr Biedroń’s recently formed party has not decided which of the groupings it would join in the EP if elected. Surveys show the party polling between six and eleven percent – giving them between three and six seats.

If confirmed, the fact that Frans Timmermans supports the new party will raise eyebrows, as since 2004 it has been the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) which has been a member of the European Socialists. Even though SLD is to stand with the “European Coalition” – in which EPP and ALDE supporters dominate – the SLD has stated that those MEPs who it puts forward will join the European Socialists grouping in the EP.

Mr Timmermans has been a controversial figure in Poland because of his determined stance against judicial reforms in Warsaw. It was he who initiated the rule of law Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty action against Poland as well as the case brought to the ECJ against Poland’s Supreme Court law.

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Mr Biedroń will hope that Frans Timmermans is more successful in backing his party than he was in promoting his own party in the Dutch general election. The Social democrats in the last Dutch elections lost over three-quarters of their support and barely topped five percent.

The “Biedroń’s Spring” leader asked about his party’s platform in the EP elections, said that they were “European fundamentalists” in terms of believing in deepening European integration. He believes that social and economic problems in the country would best be solved at the European level.

He said that Mr Timmermans was “an excellent candidate” for President of the EC and that Mr Timmermans would be supporting the “Spring campaign.

The EP election in Poland is slated for May 26.