Family story of WWII ‘Airdogs’ in a novel

Tim Holden, the author of a graphic novel “Airdogs” told PolandIN what made him write this piece and how he got acquainted with the story of his father.

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The novel is based on real events. Its main character, Corporal Zan, refers to the father of the author, Peter Holden, who was Piotr Zaniewski at that time. The creator of the novel was also born with this Polish surname.

“One of those airmen who were flying on September 1, 1939, was a corporal, who was my father,” Mr Holden said.

The author of the novel said that when he was younger, his father did not tell him anything about his experiences from the war. “He did not even begin to tell me his remarkable story until he was 88 in 2005,” Mr Holden said.

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