New Brexit date should pose no problem for EU: minister

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that the proposed new Brexit date of June 30 should pose no institutional problems for the EU.

‘Poland will back UK’s request to postpone Brexit’: FM

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"The proposed date does not pose institutional problems for the EU-27. It is certainly an advantage of this proposal," said deputy foreign minister Konrad Szymański, who is responsible for EU affairs.

He added that PM Mateusz Morawiecki would present details of the Polish stance at a meeting with the other EU-27 leaders on Thursday evening.

Newly-elected members of the European Parliament will start their terms of office on July 2. If the UK were still an EU member at that time, it would have to elect its 73 deputies.

On Wednesday, British PM Theresa May confirmed in the House of Commons that she had applied to EU Council President Donald Tusk to postpone the date of the UK leaving the European Union until June 30. The British PM ruled out the UK's participation in the European Parliament elections in May.

All the other 27 EU member states need to agree to the new date. London's motion will probably be discussed at an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, Mr Tusk said that the delay requested by Ms May was possible. However, he said that it depended on the UK’s MPs backing the withdrawal deal proposed by Ms May.

As it currently stands, the UK is due to leave the EU next Friday, on 29 March.