New incubator to rescue hedgehogs in northern Poland

The provincial council in the Masurian Lakes region is financing the purchase of a brand new incubator for baby hedgehogs.

Animal rehab centre seeks money for infrastructure development

The Animal Rehabilitation Centre “Jeżurkowo” located near Warsaw has been operating for eight years. The facility provides help mostly to hedgehogs.

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The provincial council in Olsztyn, capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, said that the purchase will allow for the better care and rehabilitation of young hedgehogs.

“It is very hard to maintain constant body temperature in baby hedgehogs. We need the incubator to keep them alive. It enables us to maintain adequate temperature and humidity and to provide them with oxygen,” said Anna Kamińska of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Animals near Pasłęk, northern Poland.

Ms Kamińska added that the centre is often flooded with baby hedgehogs which people tend to bring because of inadequate knowledge. “People often find them while making spring cleaning or doing barbeques and they bring them to us,” she said. “It is unnecessary because the mother would come back for them had people left them there. Instead, they become our patients.”

Ms Kamińska indicated that the incubator would come to the rescue of not only hedgehogs but many other small animals, such as squirrels. Currently “baby squirrels are kept warm using electric pillows,” she said.

Active since 2013, the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Animals took care of 225 patients in 2018.