Polish NGO gives roof over Kurdish heads in Barzan

Several hundred inhabitants of Iraqi Kurdistan have returned to their hometown of Barzan on the Iraqi-Syrian border, where the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) build over 400 modular houses.

Barzan was also the first hurdle on the way of ISIS expansion. Today, ISIS is thoroughly defeated in Iraq. However, the citizens of Barzan were not able to return to their homes due to the constructions’ deplorable state. Those who returned were living in the local school building.

Now, thanks to the PCPM project financed by the Polish government, 400 modular houses can welcome those coming back, and additional 100 houses are to be delivered to Barzan in the coming days. Finally, the internationally displaced persons, the bereft and uprooted Kurdish families may return to the town where two national leaders and Kurdish independence fighters Ahmad and Mustafa Barzani were born.

Interestingly, the latter established the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which today has 45 MPs in the Iraqi parliament.