The battle with supermarket brands may backfire: agri analyst

The idea of limiting the percentage of supermarket-branded products on the shelves of Polish supermarkets may help larger brands but may harm smaller Polish companies who only sell to supermarkets, according to Jakub Olipra, an agricultural economist at Credit Agricole Bank Polska.

While larger producers with valuable brands may be able to sell more to the supermarkets after such restrictions, Mr Olipra foresees that “smaller companies may find it difficult to be recognisable on the market because they have no brands,” and their success has been in producing for the supermarkets.

According to Mr Olipra, Polish food exports, make up 6 percent of Polish GDP, amounting to EUR 29.3 bn in 2018. The country has a trading surplus in food products of over EUR 9 bn and has been successful in selling to chains, which sell their goods throughout Europe.

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