Warsaw museum receives 91 Zamoyski sculptures

The National Museum (MNW) in the Polish capital received 91 works of art by August Zamoyski, one of the most important Polish sculptors of the 20th century, prompting the Culture Minister Piotr Gliński to comment that the country is “pleased that the scattering of these works was prevented.”

The collection of Mr Zamoyski’s sculptures were sent to the museum on Thursday. The contract for the purchase of sculptures was signed at the Polish embassy in Paris in January.

Minister Gliński, who is also the Deputy PM, stressed that the transfer was the culmination of the process and effort of many people.

“This is the effect of the work of many people… We are very happy that we prevented the scattering of these works,” he said.

Born in eastern Poland in June 1893, Mr Zamoyski lived mainly in France from 1923 until his death in the country’s south-west in May 1970.

His works were sent from France for an amount undisclosed by Poland’s culture ministry.