We avoided pressing UK against wall regarding Brexit: PM

In the wake of Thursday summit in Brussels on the future of Brexit, Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his satisfaction with the results of the talks to postpone the Brexit deadline until May 22.

“For us, order and step-by-step Brexit has been absolutely crucial. Decisions that we have made enable working out the final shape [of Brexit] until May 22… We have avoided… pressing the UK against a wall,” said Mr Morawiecki immediately after the conclusion of the talks.

According to the PM, the backstop emergency mechanism that regulates the status of the UK-EU border in Ireland, will not be upheld in its current form.

“I was hard work to reach a compromise and a good position which allows the UK parliament to specify its ratification processes until May 22. Nonetheless, there’s still April 12, which is a deadline specified by the British procedures,” stressed the PM.

Mr Morawiecki also spoke about the resignation from the initial condition under which Brexit deadline was supposed to be moved to May 22. The condition was that the British parliament would have to accept the deal negotiated between the EU and Theresa May in a timespan between March 25-31.

“We would fray the UK parliament’s dignity if we were to put a negotiation gun to the UK,” said Mr Morawiecki, adding that he himself has contributed to the decision not to put the UK under pressure.

Mr Morawiecki added that “the initial version of the deal prepared by the European Council head Donald Tusk generated a much higher risk of no-deal and chaotic Brexit.”

Menace of second referendum?

Poland’s PM said that according to the ratification crisis in the UK, “completely new political opportunities may arise in London” that may bring about a new referendum. “New propositions may emerge, such as another and much longer postponement [of Brexit] that would allow [the UK] to work out a new formula of deepened cooperation between the EU and UK,” said the PM, adding that the current Brexit deal is final and may not be renegotiated.