Old-timers galore at Warsaw auto show

The Auto Nostalgia show, an impressive gathering of classic cars, which took place over April 6-7 in Warsaw, was a dream come true for Polish petrolheads.

Whether looking for the sheer exhilaration associated with performance cars or the unique style and panache of classic vehicles, Poland’s vintage car nuts were in for a treat this weekend as the Auto Nostalgia show opened its doors to the public.

From the chrome-laden American cars of the 1950s to the rakish modern Porsches and Aston Martins, the exhibition hall was filled with the most unique and spectacular examples of classic steel and contemporary aluminium or carbon fibre.

Also on display were numerous products of Poland’s domestic car industry, such as the venerable Warszawa M20 from 1960, a few mint examples of the Polish Fiat 125p sedan and the only six-wheeled Polonez pickup truck in existence.

Join our reporter Jonasz Rewiński for a journey across decades of Polish motoring and witness the most amazing cars brought to the show by Poland’s collectors.