Monsters beware! ‘Witcher’ reported to be shot in Poland

It is very likely that some episodes of “Witcher” series created by Netflix are being shot at Ogrodzieniec castle in southern Poland.

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Although the fact of shooting the series in Poland most likely will not be confirmed, there are several strong clues suggesting that some of the scenes from series about the monster killer, based on the novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, are being created in Poland.

One of the actresses from its cast, Therica Wilson-Read, who will play sorceress Sabrina Glevissig, posted a story on her Instagram account with a short text: “Hello Poland.” Some fans also reported that they saw members of the film crew in Kraków, southern Poland.

Moreover, Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner of the “Witcher” series, has a photograph of Ogrodzieniec castle as the cover photo of her Twitter account.

One of the users of popular social media Reddit, who lives nearby the castle, has taken some photographs of the castle and described the situation there. One of the most important clues is the photo of a car with the sign “Film crew” under its windshield.

Info from Ogrodzieneic castle. from r/netflixwitcher

The Twitter account for the r/netflixwitcher network, subforum on Reddit where the series is discussed, also posted some photographs of the Ogrodzieniec castle.

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Fans are speculating that if these revelations are true, Ogrodzieniec castle will act as Kaer Morhen, the keep where the Witchers of the Wolf School were trained for their job.

The Witcher is the story about Geralt of Rivia, the hired monster killer in a fantasy world. The main hero involuntarily becomes involved in the major political intrigues of the world at war, searches for his missing protégé and loved ones which disappeared in the mayhem. Three parts of the Witcher video games produced by the Polish developer CD Projekt Red were also based on the story of Geralt.

The premiere of the series is not yet scheduled, but it is likely that it will take place in 2019. The main character will be played by Henry Cavill.