‘Reliability of partners’ key reason for Polish gas diversification

Poland not wanting to face an uncertainty of supply is the main reason behind diversification, the chairman of Polish Oil and Gas Company, Piotr Woźniak, told PolandIN.

Poland’s main gas provider’s choice to abandon gas supply from Russia by letting its agreement with Gazprom run out after the second ten-year period elapses in 2022 was summed up succinctly by the management board Chairman in terms of “reliability” of supply.

The country has been left in uncertainty seven times by its Russian suppliers since joining the EU in 2004, which contrasts with the reliability of North Sea suppliers, who have never let their customers down.

“The producers in the North Sea are under heavy regulation by the Norwegian regulator and over the past 50 years of gas production in the North Sea … there was never ever such a case as we have with Russia that their production has been stopped or deliveries have been stopped,” Mr Woźniak told PolandIN.

According to Mr Woźniak, such disruption “will never happen” which points to “the reliability of the partners and the companies that we work with there”.

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