Final middle school exams begin in Poland

Despite the teachers’ strike, students were unable to sit the final history exam in only three of Poland’s 7,000 schools.

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Middle schools students began their final exams on Wednesday. At 9am, they sat the history and social studies exam which was followed by a Polish language exam at 11am.

In the aftermath of the first round of exams, the head of the Central Examination Commission Marcin Smolik said that students in just three of 7,000 schools in the country were unable to sit the history and social studies exam. However, he added that in two of those schools the Polish language exam was to take place according to schedule.

“The problems which occurred came from of the lack of supervisors. The Polish language exam in those two schools will proceed after those absences are filled,” Mr Smolik said.

Due to the teachers’ strike, it was not clear until the last moment in how many schools the exams would take place. According to Education Minister Anna Zalewska, preparations are being made for the foreign language exam, which requires more supervisors, to take place on Friday without disruptions.

The fact that the number of incidents is almost unnoticeable comes mostly as a result of an extraordinary resolution signed by Minister Zalewska last week. In a desperate move to make the final exams take place despite the strike, Ms Zalewska enabled schools to include in the examination commissions any person which holds pedagogical qualifications, even if they never previously worked in a school.

For students who are unable to sit their final exam, a second date is provided each year in early June. According to Minister Zalewska, the situation will be no different this year.

Meanwhile, as the teachers’ protest continues, several thousands students are not having lessons for the third consecutive day.