Technology to make Poland’s 2030 green energy targets ‘easier to reach’

While the 2020 EU green targets are not reachable, renewable technology is getting “cheaper and more effective and needs less support,” making future targets more assailable, according to Polish energy journalist Justyna Piszczatowska.

Poland may have to import electricity from Germany or Scandinavia if it cannot meet the target of having 15 percent of its production from renewable resources by 2020, energy expert Justyna Piszczatowska, who writes for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, told PolandIN.

As a result, Poland and other countries who are unlikely to meet the targets will have to negotiate a settlement with Brussels in 2020 to avoid a large import bill or heavy penalties for exceeding CO2 emission limits.

Nevertheless, the picture is slightly rosier for the future. “Now you can build a wind farm in two years once you have all the documentation ready and photovoltaic systems are even quicker to build, you can build a solar power installation in three months or so,” Mrs Piszczatowska said.

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