Central Europe more popular among film producers

More and more films and series are being created or at least shot in Central-European countries, including Poland.

Monsters beware! ‘Witcher’ reported to be shot in Poland

It is very likely that some episodes of “Witcher” series created by Netflix are being shot at Ogrodzieniec castle in southern Poland.

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Central-European countries are increasingly competing to grab a slice of film and series production budgets, in a situation when the largest streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu prepare to confirm their position on the market with upcoming premieres of anticipated blockbusters.

The Czech Republic and Hungary attract producers with low labour costs, experienced film crews and generous production incentives, but now other players from the region want to mark their position.

Poland introduced a 30 percent cash rebate for filmmakers' production costs in February to keep pace, forcing the Czech Republic and Hungary to consider finding new ways to attract producers.

In the opinion of Stanisław Dziedzic from the Film Produkcja production company, the difference in the cost of making films between the three countries would be minimal and decisions would still hang on locations and film crews.

A new directive of the EU is expected to spur investment, requiring VOD platforms selling to audiences in Europe to ensure at least 30 percent of their catalogues are European works.

Recently it was reported that “Witcher” series produced by Netflix is being shot in Poland, on the area of the Ogrodzieniec castle in southern Poland.

Alternative history series “1983”, also created by Netflix, takes place in Poland and the majority of the cast consists of Polish actors.