Nobody returned to F1 racing after such a long break: expert

Michał Owczarek, a motorsports expert, spoke with PolandIN about the beginning of the Formula One 2019 season and the performance of the Polish driver Robert Kubica.

‘There are many job offers for Kubica, but not so many as race driver’: expert

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Robert Kubica returned to Formula One after eight years. In 2011, he suffered a major injury in a rally event in Italy. It was not sure if he would be able to drive at all, but he managed not only to get back behind the steering wheel but to race in the most prestigious racing class in the world.

“Nine years ago he was a man who fought for the F1 championship, eight years ago he suffered a severe crash and went through a near-death experience,” Mr Owczarek said.

He pointed out that nobody had returned to F1 racing after such a long break. “Niki Lauda, who suffered a face burn, came back after few months. Kubica was out for eight years,” he added.

The first races after his return were not very good for the Polish driver. In the Australian GP he placed 17th, which was the last position, despite three drivers who did not finish the race, while in Bahrain, Kubica was 16th, but again he was on the bottom of the standing.

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