Royal sarcophagi to undergo renovation works

The sarcophagi of King Władysław IV Vasa and his wife Cecilia Renata, as well as that of King Augustus II the Strong, were sent to the conservation workshop in Tychy, southern Poland, from Wawel Castle in Kraków.

The transport of the latter was preceded by anthropological-archaeological research by a team of specialists after opening the monarch’s sarcophagus. The sarcophagi of King Władysław IV and his wife, coming from the 17th century, are made of copper, and are richly gilded. The sarcophagi of Augustus II is also made of copper, but contains a smaller original tin coffin in which lies the remains of the king.

Photos from the opening of King Augustus II’s sarcophagus were published by the conservation studio of Agnieszka and Tomasz Trzos from Tychy, who will take care of the conservation works. In the photos one can see, among other items, the royal crown of the king.

Each of the sarcophagi were to some extent damaged, and they will require renovation of several elements, as well as reinforcement of their construction.

After restoration, the royal sarcophagi will return to Wawel at the end of the year. The conservation of the Wawel sarcophagi, along with the renovation of the interior of the crypts, is financed from the National Revaluation Fund for Krakow Monuments project. This year's donations amount to PLN 1.066 mln (EUR 250,000).